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2017 UK Britannia 1oz Silver Coin


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This 2017 UK Britannia 1oz Silver Coin features the image of Britannia on the reverse of the coin, including radial lines for the first time, these lines add security to the traditional design. Details of the coin’s weight, fineness and year-date also feature.

The obverse design depicts the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and the monetary denomination of £2.

Each coin weighs 1 Troy Ounce and is 999.0 Fine Silver.
Minted by The Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales
Fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.
Diameter: 38.61mm. Thickness: 3.00mm.
Capital Gains Tax Exempt

Britannia silver coins are British bullion coins issued by the Royal Mint since 1997. 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the silver Britannia, celebrating tradition and legacy. The Silver Britannia 1oz coin is often a popular silver coin for UK based private investors, as they are CGT exempt in the United Kingdom.

Only the Royal Mint has the trademark to produce genuine Britannia coins. Britannia is the feminine personification of Britain, she is renowned for her beauty and is an enduring icon that has been used for 2,000 years

Up until 2013 Silver Britannia coins were produced in Britannia silver, in a fineness of 958.0. As of 2013, Silver Britannia coins have been produced in a fineness of 999.0.

The fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, appears on coins from 2016. Designed by artist Jody Clark, aged 33, he is the youngest artist to have achieved this honour.

Silver is subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%.







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